New School Year, Time for a Bullying Alert with NoBullying

London, UK (PRWEB) September 01, 2014

The new school year is upon us and for every parent a new school year could also mean brushing back in with school bullying. It is time for parents and educators to understand what bullying could lead to for children before it is too late, all with NoBullyings guide to school bullying this year, released today.

It is first to be noted that bullying is not mere teasing or kids play. Especially if the child is new at school, bullies are, sadly, everywhere and they have various methods of bullying to intimidate and push down other children.

The bullies actions may start out as simple teasing, but over time verbal harassment can lead to physical harm. This alone can have severe consequences for both the bully and the target.

Even if it is verbal, bullying is an expression of violence in its purest form. Bullying can progress to being physical, thus harming the bully, the victim and the bystanders involved.

But what could the acts of bullying lead to? Bullying could often lead to a variety of symptoms and actions for the bully and the victim.

Children who are victims of bullying are inflicted by violence in a physical sense that is done subtly by the bully to escape punishment from teachers. Some children at school could face hitting, tripping, pushing, slapping, or even their belongings destroyed. If a child is coming home with unexplained injuries, damaged clothing or lost/damaged possessions or even any signs of stress, parents need to step in right away.

Those who are present when a bully is causing harm to his or her intended target may also be affected by what is witnessed. Bystanders may be affected by what they see or hear, which could have long lasting psychological consequences, even as adults. Children who witness the bullying of their friends are most likely to experiment with smoking, drugs, alcohol or delve into promiscuous activities, even leading in some cases to teenage pregnancy.

It may not seem directly related but bullying and acts of unkindness could have serious consequences on a child’s or teens ability to make correct decisions. They may delve into these things to get on the good side of the bully, including running away from home.

It is also to be highlighted that more than 3.2 million students fall victim to bullying every year and that one in four teachers do nothing because they see there is nothing wrong with bullying. This is a serious call for parents to take note of bullying in school and learn how to stand up to it properly.

Ciaran Connolly, Co-Founder of, said, With the new school year upon us, we need to keep fighting bullying in school. It takes the entire community to end bullying in school.

He added that parents and teachers should make a point to educate the younger generations about the sad outcome of bullying online and offline. According to Connolly, it is quite imperative to press for more firm laws condemning all acts of bullying and harassment. features many pages dedicated to parents, teens, teachers, health professionals as well as posts related to cyber safety and the latest news about law making concerning curbing Bullying worldwide as well as inspirational Bullying Poems and famous Bullying Quotes.

The website regularly updates its bullying statistics and cyber bullying statistics as it is essential to understand how widespread the bullying epidemic is. It also regularly runs cyber bullying surveys and questionnaires to get recent updated statistics on everything related to cyberbullying.

He also added that anyone suffering from bullying in any form or way can always find advice and help on the NoBullying website but if anyone is suffering from severe bullying or cyber bullying, the best thing is to talk to someone locally a parent, teacher or local organization that has been set up to help with specialized councilors to deal with this topic.

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Orange County DUI Defense Attorney Releases New Marketing Efforts For Affordable Legal Defense

Orange County, California (PRWEB) August 30, 2014

Everyone knows that it is against the law for any individual who is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug, or under the combined influence of any alcoholic beverage and drug, to operate a motor vehicle. Once arrested for DUI in Orange County most criminal defense lawyers will offer a no cost consultation. Chris Koch and Associates are different in many ways from most lawyers that operate in the area. For starters, they have the newest marketing techniques to educate their potential clients on what their legal rights are when facing a criminal charge like a DUI, or drunk driving. They just released important DUI information on what to expect from an Orange County DUI defense team. When a person is arrested for suspicion of drunk driving in Orange County the officer is required by law to immediately send a copy of the completed notice of suspension or revocation form and the driver license taken into possession, with a report to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV automatically conducts an administrative review that includes an examination of the officer’s report, the suspension or revocation order, and any test results. If the suspension or revocation is upheld during the administrative review, the individual arrested may request a hearing to contest the suspension or revocation. The person arrested will have the right to request a hearing from the DMV within 10 days of receipt of the suspension or revocation order. If the review shows there is no basis for the suspension or revocation, the action will be set aside. The individual arrested will be notified by the DMV in writing only if the suspension or revocation is set aside following the administrative review.

The rising cost of retaining quality legal defense is a big concern for people seeking reliable legal protection for DUI or Driving Under the Influence cases. This cost can run thousands of dollars for cases that are more critical. However, this cost is much lower from the Orange County DUI defense lawyers from Chris Koch & Associates. A DUI arrest has tough financial consequences including very stiff penalties and fines. There is also a suspension of driving license which is another serious problem associated with these cases. Those arrested with criminal charges against them are required to defend themselves in the court of law. In civil procedures, those arrested can appear before the Department of Motor Vehicles and can receive a restricted driving license. Individuals arrested for DUI may also have to obtain SR22 insurance in order to operate a vehicle. To find out more information regarding the legal issues when facing an arrest visit the DUI site from the firm or call 877-227-9128

The criminal defense lawyer promotes the firms services by working with the top internet marketers in the country. The drunk driving attorneys want local residents to know how important it is to speak with an experienced attorney if someone has been arrested. The attorneys continue their online presence by offering no cost consultations, and legal defense information the firms blog and social media pages. The law firm works with a search optimization specialist to promote no cost consultations online and the firm believes this will attract more local residents in Orange County looking for legal representation. To learn more about the law firm visit the company page by clicking here.

About: Christopher Koch: Graduate of University of San Diego School of Law Admitted to practice law November 2001. The law office is experienced in criminal defense, very well respected and locally connected in San Bernardino, San Diego and Orange Counties. As a local attorney in these jurisdictions he has the ability to get the best possible outcome for clients. For more information about a free consultation about Orange County immigration services that are available, contact the firm directly and speak to an attorney.

Contact: Chris Koch


Phone: 877-227-9128

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North High feeder schools roll out new visitor security system Thursday

North High feeder schools roll out new visitor security system Thursday
Schools will continue to implement the system throughout the fall semester, at a rate of about one feeder pattern a week. All schools should be operational by Oct. 2. Schools in the Northwest High feeder pattern will be next to go online with the new …

Doug Lunney
Meanwhile, at least one parent or guardian per household who registers their child in a Hockey Winnipeg program for the 2014-15 season must take the online Respect In Sport course. Hockey Winnipeg announced it would be implementing the program last …
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GraduationSource makes the Inc.500|5000 List of Americas Fastest-Growing Private Companies For the Second Consecutive Year

New York (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

Inc. magazine today ranked GraduationSource NO. 4499 on its seventh annual Inc. 500|5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Graduationsource was ranked number 91 of all the fatest growing educational companies and the 349th fastest growing company in New York State. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economyAmericas independent entrepreneurs. Fuhu tops this years list. GraduationSource joins LivingSocial, Edible Arrangements, CDW and Lifelock, among other prominent brands featured on this years list.

This is quite an honor and I couldnt be more thankful to the amazing GraduationSource team and all of our customers for making this happen. Said Matthew Gordon, CEO of GraduationSource.

In a stagnant economic environment, median growth rate of 2013 Inc. 500|5000 companies is an impressive 142 percent. The companies on this years list report having created over 520,000 jobs in the past three years, and aggregate revenue among the honorees reached $ 241 billion.

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at

“Not all the companies in the Inc. 500 | 5000 are in glamorous industries, but in their fields they are as famous as household name companies simply by virtue of being great at what they do. They are the hidden champions of job growth and innovation, the real muscle of the American economy, says Inc. Editor Eric Schurenberg.

About GraduationSource:

GraduationSource is the leading online retailer for graduation products. We pride ourselves in our strong values, personal customer service practices, and extraordinary products. Headquatered in Port Chester, NY and tracing its roots back to the 1960s Graduationsource has turned from a family company to a global enterprise under the stewardship of CEO Matthew Gordon.

After serving over 30,000 schools worldwide, we continue to look to improve our company and products with a constant drive towards excellence in the realm of accomplishment and commencement products.

Today, GraduationSource has established a full line of Graduation Regalia, ranging from Preschool and Kindergarten gowns all the way to Bachelors and Doctorate hoods. Whether an institution is hosting a traditional cap and gown ceremony, or if it requires cords and medals to honor students of Salutatorian and Valedictorian merit, we are proud to provide the appropriate regalia and accessories to have a memorable graduation. GraduationSource also provides full capabilities to develop custom products such as imprinted stoles and diploma covers at unmatched prices. No event or function is too large or too small for our dedicated staff to tackle.

BIOEQUA’S EQUA ESSENTIAL Product Line Redefines Skin Care & Now Available in America

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

BIOEQUA, an innovative line of skin care products that are applied through the use of a handheld spray, has made its EQUA ESSENTIAL line available to consumers across the United States.

The brand began with an unexpected discovery in an emergency burn care unit. BIOEQUA researchers were surprised to learn that the application of nanospray technology allowed for liquid medication to be made extremely small and delivered directly to skin’s basal layer. This resulted in immediate absorption and reparative effects. The researchers also discovered how nanospray technology could be further integrated into skin care products through the principle of iontophoresis, which sees negatively charged atomized particles added to the nanonized skin care product. This process promotes the exchange of ions, allowing skin care nutrients to instantly penetrate down to skin’s basal layers for immediate therapeutic effects.

Our unique approach to skin care has made BIOEQUA a leader in the health and beauty field, said Dahshiam Chiao, CEO of BIOEQUA. We have totally rethought the accepted method of applying moisturizers and rejuvenating creams, and have come up with something that will change the future of skin care.”

BIOEQUA, which was invented in the United States and leverages active ingredients from both Asia and the U.S., uses nano-spray technology for quick and complete application to the skin. This technology used in BIOEQUAs Skincare NanoJet System is more than 25 times more effective than competing topical products. EQUA ESSENTIAL is available online, over the counter, and by prescription.

We are very pleased to bring our line of skin care products to customers throughout the U.S. market, said Chiao. Our groundbreaking line of beauty products is changing the way people think about skin care. BIOEQUA goes on in seconds and creates superior, lasting results that could take hours to achieve through conventional application methods.

BIOEQUA starter kits and refills are now available, including the EQUA ESSENTIAL Intensive Firming Lifting Set, the EQUA ESSENTIAL Intensive Dark Spot Removing Set and the EQUA ESSENTIAL Intensive Hydration Set. Each kit comes with the revolutionary UltraJet mobile device and two spray refills. Additional refills may be purchased separately.

The brands skin care products feature ingredients chosen for their proven effectiveness and fast-acting ability. Each BIOEQUA skin care product is specially designed for conversion into nano-particles, allowing them to absorb quickly and completely into the inner skin. This biomedical technology can dramatically improve facial skin health. BIOEQUAs skin care systems enhance skin regeneration and facilitate healthy skin development, delaying the aging process.

Our nano-spray technology allows for our products to accomplish in a few seconds what can take other products dozens of applications to achieve, said Chiao. This makes BIOEQUA the quickest, most effective, and least wasteful skin care line on the market.

To learn more about BIOEQUA, visit

Diploma of First African-American Harvard Graduate Is Being Auctioned Off

Diploma of First African-American Harvard Graduate Is Being Auctioned Off
After he found what Harvard University officials have called priceless artifacts, McDonald started selling his discovery to those who he thought could benefit from having them as part of their own collections. McDonald sold some of the documents for …
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Robot folds up, walks away
This work was funded by the National Science Foundation, the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research through a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate …
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New university to be continent's 'rival to Harvard'
High school graduates in South Africa and the rest of the continent will soon have an additional university choice as a network of 25 pan-African universities, aimed to rival the likes of Harvard and Yale, is due to come on stream, writes Andiswa …
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Fighting unfairness
This research received funding from the Harvard University Mind/Brain/Behavior Interfaculty Initiative, the Harvard University BLISS Fellowship Program, the Herchel Smith-Harvard Undergraduate Science Research Program, and the John Templeton …
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Optimize Revenue in Your Healthcare Practice or ACO with Our New Staff Education Program

Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) August 22, 2014

To improve revenue collection and patient intake at practitioner offices, physician practices and clinics, BridgeFront now offers a complete staff education program titled, Optimizing Revenue in Practitioner Offices and ACOs.

I am thrilled with the courses. They are perfect for employees with no healthcare background. We purchased them for [a wide array of staff] and were finding [the education] invaluable, said Susan Hutzler, Executive Director of Revenue Cycle at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center.

Known for its highly-regarded revenue cycle and compliance education in healthcare, BridgeFront now expands its education with a new revenue cycle education solution for practitioners and ACOs. The new program includes eight online sessions on the general revenue cycle process, determination of benefits, collections, healthcare coding, payer identification, understanding claims and more.

The education learning objectives and outcomes for this program are:

Society of Architectural Historians Receives Graham Foundation Grant

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 15, 2014

The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) has been awarded a $ 5,000 grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts for the SAH Chicago Seminar, Tomorrows Metropolis: Bridging the Past and Future in Chicagos Built Environment. The Graham Foundation today announced $ 480,000 in new grants to organizations around the world to support projects that engage original ideas in architecture. SAH is among 11 Chicago-based organizations to receive a grant.

The Chicago Seminar is part of the public programming for the Societys 68th Annual Conference that takes place in Chicago from April 1519, 2015. The seminar engages international scholars and local audiences in critical discussions about local architectural histories and the future of the city, and focuses on the increasingly important relationships that link new plans for local communities to historic, economic, and environmental concerns. An interdisciplinary panel of architects, historians and other experts will discuss the dynamics of history and innovation in the city’s and region’s evolution, including the multifarious roles of industry in the city, options for the region’s water resources and the impact of gentrification and development in historic neighborhoods. Keynote speakers, including Charles Waldheim, John E. Irving Professor of Landscape Architecture and Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture at Harvard University, will address this intersection of scales, histories, and disciplines. Through this focus, the seminar meets the needs of its two target audiences: local public and professionals, and visiting scholars wishing to understand the debates shaping Chicago’s built environment today.

Co-chairing the 2015 Annual Conference are Ken Tadashi Oshima, associate professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington, and Alison Fisher, Harold and Margot Schiff Assistant Curator of Architecture at the Art Institute of Chicago. Fisher will serve as moderator of the Chicago Seminar, which takes place on Saturday, April 18, 2015.

For a complete list of the 2014 Grants to Organizations and the grantee project pages, visit

Founded in 1956, the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts makes project-based grants to individuals and organizations and produces public programs to foster the development and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society.

The Society of Architectural Historians promotes the study, interpretation, and conservation of architecture, design, landscapes, and urbanism worldwide. Founded at Harvard in 1940, SAH serves a network of local, national and international institutions, and individuals who, by vocation or avocation, focus on the built environment and its role in shaping contemporary life. SAH promotes meaningful engagement with the history of the built environment thorough advocacy efforts, print and online publications, and local, national, and international programs. Since 1994, SAH has been headquartered in Chicago.

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Kevin Belfield Appointed as NJITs Dean of College of Science and Liberal Arts

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

Kevin D. Belfield, Ph.D., has been named as NJITs Dean of College of Science and Liberal Arts, effective Nov. 1, 2014. Scientist, educator and researcher, Belfield currently serves as Pegasus Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Central Florida. Before this, Belfield served as the departments graduate coordinator and developed a highly interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in chemistry. He also played a significant role in creating interdisciplinary graduate programs in materials science and engineering and bimolecular sciences. Belfield received the B.S. degree in chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1982 and the Ph.D. degree in chemistry from Syracuse University in 1988. He then worked as a senior chemist at Ciba-Geigy before performing postdoctoral research at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and at Harvard University. Subsequently, he was a member of the faculty at the University of Detroit Mercy and graduate coordinator.

Belfield served as PI or co-PI on over 30 grants from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, the Petroleum Research Foundation of the American Chemical Society, The Research Corporation, U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation, Academy of Applied Science, Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation, and James and Ester King Biomedical Research Foundation. In addition, he served as PI on over 15 grants and contracts from industrial sources, including Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Alcon, Covidien, Ford Motor Company, PetroAlgae, MacDermid, Ophthonix, Sensera, Xenon and Triton Systems. Belfield helped develop the proposal for the $ 52 million Physical Sciences Building at Central Florida and was subsequently heavily involved with the buildings design and construction oversight. Belfield is a standing member of the National Institutes of Healths Enabling Bioanalytical and Imaging Technologies study section and served as Chair of the Orlando Section of the American Chemical Society.

Belfield is a pioneer in two-photon absorbing materials, multiphoton photophysics and two-photon photochemistry. His research interests are in the area of multiphoton absorbing materials, ultrafast photophysics of organic molecules, two-photon photochemistry, in vivo and ex vivo two-photon fluorescence bioimaging, supramolecular chemistry, fluorescence-based sensors and bioimaging probes, photodynamic therapy agents, nanostructured functional organic and polymeric materials, and two-photon based 3D high density optical data storage. His scholarship is extensive in these areas with over 140 peer-reviewed journal articles. Belfield holds over a dozen U.S. patents and serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Journal of Fluorescence, and International Journal of Molecular Sciences. At Central Florida and Detroit Mercy, Belfield mentored 21 Ph.D. and 30 M.S. students. In 2013, Belfield was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

NJIT, New Jersey’s science and technology university, enrolls approximately 10,000 students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in 120 programs. The university consists of six colleges: Newark College of Engineering, College of Architecture and Design, College of Science and Liberal Arts, School of Management, College of Computing Sciences and Albert Dorman Honors College. U.S. News & World Report’s 2012 Annual Guide to America’s Best Colleges ranked NJIT in the top tier of national research universities. NJIT is internationally recognized for being at the edge in knowledge in architecture, applied mathematics, wireless communications and networking, solar physics, advanced engineered particulate materials, nanotechnology, neural engineering and e-learning. Many courses and certificate programs, as well as graduate degrees, are available online through the Division of Continuing Professional Education.

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Group Video Conferencing for Linux Users from TrueConf

(PRWEB) January 14, 2014

The release of TrueConf video conferencing software for Linux is a beta-version and has been designed for Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 7.2.0 and above.

The solution is fully compatible with all TrueConf products (TrueConf Server on-premises video conferencing server software and TrueConf Online cloud video conferencing service) operating on other OSes. The users of TrueConf cloud service can log in using TrueConf account or social networks. To connect to server you can use LDAP.

The first version of TrueConf Linux will offer point-to-point calls, group video conferences, and instant messaging. Users will get the ability to change equipment such as active sound speakers, microphones and cameras “on the fly”, without the need to terminate the current call or conference.

“The release of TrueConf for OS Linux is a logical continuation of our development of cross-platform solutions for business, says Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO. Nowadays, business owners know they can cut costs on IT infrastructure using Linux and Open Source software. Our clients have often asked us to make an application for Linux. The demand for quality business-grade video conferencing for Linux is growing rapidly and TrueConf is proud to offer a solution. We have made it fully compatible with our mobile and cloud solutions, as well as with TrueConf Server.”

The company’s near-term plans concerning Linux applications development includes support for popular Linux distributions (RPM systems such as Fedora, RedHat, CentOS), support for TrueConf Directory for creating address book groups, and desktop sharing applications.

You can download the distributive package at TrueConf webpage

For further information, please contact:

Michael Gotalsky,

TrueConf CEO

Tel: 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263)

E-mail: mgotalsky(at)trueconf(dot)com

About TrueConf

Founded in 2003 in Moscow, TrueConf is a leading East European video conferencing vendor. The company is focused on collaboration solutions and offers an SVC-based MCU-less unified communication software platform. TrueConf has developed a full software suite suitable for corporate IP networks and all popular PC and mobile platforms, offering the convenience of both cloud-based (TrueConf Online) and server-based (TrueConf Server) video conferencing products. TrueConf Server offers a Full HD video experience and the ability to support multi-point video conferences with up to 250 participants (using UDP Multicast).

TrueConf has facilitated over 1300 successful video conferencing solutions for governments, educational institutions, financial establishments, small businesses and corporations involved in all types of activities. The company developed the world’s first 3D video conferencing application and has made significant advances in mobile conferencing and gesture-control video conferencing systems.

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Importance of Education in Pakistan

In this rapidly advancing era, the importance of education cannot be denied. It is crucial for progress and prosperity of any nation. With literacy rate as low as 51.6 percent, (63.7 for males and 39.2 percent for females), 53 million of world’s illiterates are found in Pakistan. Islamabad ranks second with the highest number of out-of-school children.

Economic Growth

It has been proved by development experts that basic education is essential for financial and societal progress. Every year of school increases individual’s wages by 10 per cent globally. As many as 164 multinational companies working in Pakistan with an investment of 55.779 billion rupees are dependent on qualified people. Local industries also require educated people to proceed. A skilled and educated person has an immense potential to work efficiently.


Needless to say that educated societies are disciplined and there is less violation of rules and regulations. People work in harmony with one another. Authorities are respected and people tend to fulfill their responsibilities.

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Anti-Evolution Curriculum Debate Lives On

Despite the Supreme Court ruling banning creationism and intelligent design in science classrooms, evolution is still on trial in Texas and Louisiana. I feel like it’s the Scopes monkey trial all over again. [Or at least the fictional account I read in Inherit the Wind.]

Both Texas and Louisiana are voting on changing the curriculum to allow for “weaknesses” in the theory of evolution to be introduced to students. Many science teachers see this as a backdoor approach to integrating creationism or intelligent design (basically creationism 2.0) into science curriculum and potentially, science text books.

Since Texas makes up such a large percentage of the textbook market, publishers will likely tailor their national materials to suit their needs. “These weaknesses that they bring forward are decades old, and they have been refuted many, many times over,” Kevin Fisher, a past president of the Science Teachers Association of Texas, said after testifying. “It’s an attempt to bring false weaknesses into the classroom in an attempt to get students to reject evolution.” NYT article

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Premier Internet Marketing Education – 10 Tips on How to Find the Best Internet Education

Where do you go to get the internet marketing education that will truly make the difference? The difference in your understanding, or (if you’re building a business) the difference in how you approach the marketing of your business, or perhaps your job (if you’re responsible for directing the marketing tactics for a brand)?

I personally spent 12 months clicking around on the internet in search of that right company that provides the education and the tools to become a Master Internet Marketer. And, also provides the environment where you learn to start implementing, and start taking action on what you are learning. And, as a result, start making the difference and start achieving your goals.

And, why did I do this (click around for 12 months, that is)? Because, I believe in affiliating with the-best-of-the-best and it does take time to find just the right source that will work for your needs.

SO – Let me help you save all that time and share with you the steps, the thought processes, on how to find that right internet educational resource that will work for your online needs and goals.

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