TisBest Philanthropy Announces New Board Member Simeon Cathey, Co-Founder and CEO of Content Panda

Seattle, Wash. (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

TisBest Philanthropy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a better world through gifts of charity, is thrilled to announce Simeon Cathey, Co-Founder and CEO of Content Panda as its newest board member.

Simeon has a long history with TisBest as one of the original developers of the TisBest Philanthropy charity gift card platform and will join the board of directors effective immediately.

After I left the SharePoint team to start a private cloud business, I had an idea around connecting people and businesses to an easier online experience for both personal and corporate giving. This was during the dawn of the gift card before the term Corporate Social Responsibility existed. It was fun to bring the infrastructure of this idea to life, said Simeon Cathey, Co-Founder & CEO of Content Panda.

To then step back and watch over the years how TisBest founder Erik Marks and the team have expanded our original idea has been amazing. I couldnt be happier to come back to the TisBest fold to support its quest to inspire and create a better world through gifts of charity.

TisBest Philanthropy created charity gift cards in 2007 and since then has raised millions of dollars for charities through these unique gifts. The organization focuses on educating individuals and businesses about the many benefits of giving. Programs such as DiscoverGiving and the Better World Radio podcast help expand the organizations reach and spread the message that anyone, no matter their age or economic status, can become a philanthropist.

I am thrilled to have Simeon back as part of the TisBest team. With his long-time Microsoft history and as CEO of three successful startup technology companies, I watched his success, leadership and entrepreneurial enthusiasm grow and expand over the years. Simeons incredible skills in design, web and e-commerce are going to be a great asset to our board discussions. On a personal note, Simeon and I are enjoying reconnecting about our shared history and common goals regarding making the world a better place, said Erik Marks, founder of TisBest Philanthropy.

About Pandaworks Inc/Content Panda

Pandaworks Inc. is a technology startup specializing in creating software that enhances and disrupts existing ways of thinking. Its first product, Content Panda for Office 365 and SharePoint revolutionizes the delivery of help content inside this extremely popular Microsoft software. Content Panda focuses on making IT Administrators support lists smaller and CIOs smile. This is done by empowering end users inside their daily digital workspace by surfacing the best curated help content through one click of a very cute panda face. http://www.contentpanda.com #getpanda https://twitter.com/ContentPanda

About TisBest Philanthropy

TisBest Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a better world through gifts of charity. TisBest created charity gift cards in 2007. Charity gift cards work like conventional gift cards, but with one important exception: the recipient of a charity gift card “spends” it by choosing a charity to receive the funds. With a TisBest Charity Gift Card, you make the donation and your recipient decides how to spend the donation, choosing from TisBest’s 350+ charity partners. Learn more at http://www.tisbest.org.

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Cisco SX80 Integrator Packages Now Available at IP Phone Warehouse

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) April 13, 2015

Ciscos powerful SX80 codec lets businesses create and customize the perfect video conferencing system for their meeting rooms. The Cisco SX80 integrator packages are now available at IP Phone Warehouse, giving businesses a head start on their setups.

Three Cisco SX80 video conferencing system integrator packages are available, all with different cameras and the Touch 10 control device included. The Cisco SX80 codec is available separately, as well.

BYOD Video Conferencing Fully Supported by TrueConf on Android and iOS

(PRWEB) November 20, 2013

Following the release of TrueConf Mobile 1.2, users of TrueConf video conferencing products can always stay connected, regardless of geographic location or operating system. With full support for Android and iOS, users can now participate in TrueConf group video conferences using a wide range of devices: desktops and laptops running on Windows or OS X, mobile devices on iOS and Android, as well as browsers using WebRTC technology. The support of scalable video coding (SVC) technology allows mobile video conference participants to receive high quality video and audio even on slow connection channels.

“Group video conferences on Android devices was the final step in TrueConf’s push for complete video conferencing support for mobile enterprise employees,” says Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO. “In other words, we now provide each and every customer with the most effective approach to collaboration, known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).”

The new version of TrueConf Mobile 1.2 supports all types of multipoint video conferences (symmetric, asymmetric and virtual meetings for up to 250 people), which can be created directly from a mobile device. All video conferences with 3 or fewer participants are free.

Users can access their contacts and call history from any device. During a conference, users have access to the full list of participants and the ability to “take the podium” in virtual meetings. The video conference Host can manage the list of participants, and can invite and remove participants right from the mobile interface. TrueConf Mobile uses accelerated video stream processing using 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks, and requires connection speeds of 64 kbit/s or over.

TrueConf Mobile applications are available for free download in the App Store and Google Play.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Gotalsky,

TrueConf CEO

Tel: 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263)

E-mail: mgotalsky(at)trueconf(dot)com

About TrueConf http://www.trueconf.com

Founded in 2003 in Moscow, TrueConf is a leading East European video conferencing vendor. The company is focused on collaboration solutions and offers an SVC-based MCU-less unified communication software platform. TrueConf has developed a full software suite suitable for corporate IP networks and all popular PC and mobile platforms, offering the convenience of both cloud-based (TrueConf Online) and server-based (TrueConf Server) video conferencing products. TrueConf Server offers a Full HD video experience and the ability to support multi-point videoconferences with up to 250 participants (using UDP Multicast).

TrueConf has facilitated over 1300 successful video conferencing solutions for governments, educational institutions, financial establishments, small businesses and corporations involved in all types of activities. The company developed the world’s first 3D video conferencing application and has made significant advances in mobile conferencing and gesture-control video conferencing systems.

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Joy: A Subject Schools Lack

Joy: A Subject Schools Lack
If you spend much time with educators and policy makers (even if you just read editorials about education), you'll hear a lot of the following words: "standards," "results," "skills," "self-control," "accountability," and so on. I have visited some of …
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Moscow: Minivans for Minigarchs
You could say that Moscow is crippled by bad traffic, but that wouldn't capture the scale of the problem. Traffic jams routinely last four or five hours. Twenty percent of the city's residents spend at least three hours a day in gridlock. Viktor …
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Russia's universities: rebuilding 'collapsed stars'
In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-15, Moscow State – Russia's most prestigious and highest-ranked university – is 196th in the world, and occupied positions in the low 200s for the previous four years. Meanwhile, Russia's …
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Moscow gets formal blame for the 2006 killing of a dissident in London
Mystery and intrigue has surrounded the death of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko since he was poisoned in 2006. But on Tuesday, the chairman of a court of inquiry in London said he's seen enough evidence to provide a prima facie case that the …
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Cold Bonding for Custom Gaskets: Elasto Proxy Announces Help for Manufacturers

Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

Elasto Proxy, custom-fabricator of industrial rubber products, is announcing help for manufacturers who want to learn whether cold bonding is the right splicing technique for their custom rubber gaskets. As Elasto Proxy explains in an on-line article and video, there are many factors to consider.

The article, Cold Bonding for Custom Gaskets, is available via the Elasto Proxy website. The video is embedded in the article, and also appears on YouTube.

Cold Bonding vs. Hot Splicing

Cold offers important advantages, but its not right for every sealing application. For example, although cold splicing can be used with corners that include odd angles, its not recommended for custom gaskets that will be exposed to high temperatures or outdoor environments.

Hot splicing techniques produce custom gaskets with stronger corners, but not all sealing applications require this level of performance. Hot splicing is also more expensive than cold bonding. Glued gaskets, as cold-bonded gaskets are also called, require no special tooling and cure at ambient temperatures.

About Elasto Proxy How Can We Help You?

Elasto Proxy specializes in the design and custom fabrication of specialty seals, thermal and acoustic insulation, vibration dampening products and materials, EMI shielding, and other high-quality rubber and plastic parts. For over 25 years, weve supplied low-to-medium volume quantities of high-quality rubber products to partners in a variety of industries.

As a growing global company, Elasto Proxy has offices and warehouses in Canada, the United States, and China. By listening to all of your requirements and analyzing all of your needs, Elasto Proxys solutions providers can recommend solutions that are right for your application. Contact us for more information.

Media Contact:

Clyde Sharpe

General Manager

Elasto Proxy Inc.

4035 Lavoisier Street

Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada J7H 1N1


Ph: (450) 434-2744

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Horyou Brings Social Good to the Forefront of the 2015 Cannes Festival

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good, will present Horyou Village at the 2015 Cannes Festival. For 12 days, the values of social good will be highlighted through the lenses of art, culture and diversity. This is a unique opportunity to interact with a global community of individuals, organizations and personalities making a difference through positive actions.

Featuring a dedicated interview stage for local and international artists and personalities, a screening area set up for showcasing socially oriented documentaries and an exhibition area for non-profit organizations, Horyou Village will be a focal point where participants will engage with attendees and film personalities to promote their socially oriented ideas and projects. It will also include a media lounge, concerts, as well as performing and visual arts. All of the above will be shown at horyouvillage.com on the Horyou social web channel.

Located in the heart of Cannes, Le Grand Hotels gardens will be the venue of the event. Organizing Horyou Village at Le Grand Hotel demonstrates our shared love of the arts and cultural values, and provides central visibility in the gardens overlooking the Croisette, Horyou founder and CEO Yonathan Parienti said.

In the coming weeks, Horyou will be announcing updates and featured appearances at the Horyou Village. At the same time, Horyou is welcoming all socially responsible companies to join this world premiere event where social good will be embracing and showcasing an active approach to arts, culture and diversity.

Yonathan Parienti remarked, Horyou Village will be a reflection of the world, highlighting the diversity of its participants, who can build bridges of culture and empathy, with the arts and cinema as the engines of this unique gathering supporting social good.

Additionally, the Horyou Foundation will hold a Gala Dinner at the Villa Saint Georges on May 20. Established in January 2014, the Foundation promotes and supports the non-profit organizations present on the Horyou platform. Moreover, the Foundation cooperates with external projects and initiatives that are in harmony with worldwide humanitarian causes, scientific and medical research, protection of fauna and flora, education and the arts.


Horyou is the Social Network for Social Good. Its Members, Organizations and Personalities promote a humanistic approach to technology to encourage positive actions, provide quality content and prompt meaningful interactions. At Horyou, social networking facilitates the process of transforming ideas into concrete actions, while contributing to the building of constructive relationships between the online and offline worlds. Lets Dream, Inspire and Act.

For more media information, contact:


For partnership opportunities, contact


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Global business expert Dick Brandt offers unique insights on international business in interview for SarderTV

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 13, 2015

Brandt talks about his 25 years with AT&T and his work with Global Village Program at Iacocca Institute

Dick Brandt, international consultant, former Vice President for AT&T and Lucent Technologies and current Director of the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University, recently met with Phil Weinzimer, in an exclusive interview for SarderTV, the popular online learning channel. In the interview, Brandt talks about his almost fifty year career in the military, in international communications and education. During his career, Brandt oversaw international sales operations for AT&T and Lucent Technologies in more than twenty five countries in Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His career included direct discussions with leaders around the world including such figures as Yasser Arafat, former President of the PLO and Jiang Zemin, former President of the PRC.

The wealth of knowledge that Dick Brandt brings to the table in the area of international business is unsurpassed and we are proud to add his interview to our learning collection, said Russell Sarder, CEO of NetCom Learning and creator of SarderTV.

Dick Brandt’s current responsibilities as the Director at the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University includes overseeing the Institute’s Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry Program which helps individuals from around the world gain entrepreneurial and global business skills. In the SarderTV interview, Brandt talks at length about the work being done by through the Global Village Program which is a five week summer intensive program for entrepreneurs. He discusses how attendees to the program come from more than 45 countries to increase their global business knowledge and gain real working experience in the field. He provides examples of the types of projects undertaken by participants and how they work with international clients and what they are expected to achieve in the five week program. In addition, Brandt provides his views on leadership with stories from his career in international business.

SarderTV offers provoking, educational and candid interviews so that new entrepreneurs and aspiring business people can learn from them. The database is part of the international Learning Movement created by Russell Sarder to help spread knowledge and inspire a passion in lifelong learning. Operating on the premise that motivated individuals can learn from the experience, the success and the mistakes of others, SarderTV provides a unique opportunity to see and hear influential personalities talk about the subjects that matter to them. Some of the past interviewees have included Ira Neimark, former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman, Susan Davis, CEO of BRAC USA, and Dan Hoffman, President and CEO of M5 Networks.

Don’t miss this insightful interview with Dick Brandt at SarderTV.

SarderTV seeking additional leaders for interviews

SarderTV is also seeking leaders to interview and is targeting leaders from Fortune 500 companies, and exceptional public figures like Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Collins, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many more. According to the National Venture Capital Association, more than 30 percent to $ 600 million this year has been invested in Web-based education. For investors seeking an opportunity to participate in a multimillion dollar idea SarderTV presents an excellent investment and is actively seeking investors. Several investors have already expressed an interest in this innovative idea. Investors interested in becoming a part of SarderTV are invited to get in touch as well, contact us at russellsarder(at)netcomlearning(dot)com.

About Sarder TV

SarderTV is a learning channel that contains a series of exclusive educational interview videos from top leaders in their industries, as well as motivational videos encouraging our public to succeed in their personal and professional lives, and many more. Russell Sarder, CEO of Sarder TV, has interviewed a series of leaders, who have shared their experiences and how they were able to achieve their success. Some of the names that Sarder has interviewed are: Ira Neimark, former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman; Russ Edelman, co-author of Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office, Dan Hoffman, and David Hershfield, SVP Online Technology at RedCats.

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American Society of Administrative Professionals celebrates Admin Appreciation Month this April

Portland, ME (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

The American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) is pleased to continue its annual tradition of celebrating Admin Appreciation Month this April. The month-long festivities will include special offers, activities, and giveaways explicitly for Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants.

On the agenda for Admin Appreciation Month are two webinars: Website Content 101: Simple and Free Tools to Create, Edit, and Update Web Pages, taking place on Thursday, April 9 at 1:00 pm ET and includes a free on-demand webinar as a bonus, and a complimentary live webinar,Empowerment: Dont Wait for It, scheduled for Wednesday, April 22 at 1:00 pm ET. These webinars and hundreds of other eLearning tools are available to ASAP members at http://www. asaporg.com/. Membership is free.

ASAP is all about celebrating and educating administrative professionals, said Judy Geller, Director of the American Society of Administrative Professionals. So much is expected of assistants today, and the business environment is often too hectic to thank these individuals each and every time they perform a small miracle. Thats what April is all about here at ASAP to say thank you and to let our admins know that we couldnt get by without them. Admin Appreciation Month also gives administrative professionals an opportunity to take advantage of our training and career development resources and to have some fun while doing it, she added.

Admin Appreciation Months activities also include a weekly Trivia Challenge offering two questions centered around ASAP and Administrative Professionals Conference (APC) websites. Participants will be entered into a drawing to win a Hero gift, courtesy of Edible Arrangements.

Other giveaways include a Large Texas Basket, provided by Gifti Creations, for participants who refer a friend or colleague to ASAP; and a bonus extra appreciation prize drawing at the end of the month for a $ 200 gift, courtesy of Restaurants on the Run. Both month-long prize drawings will take place on Thursday, April 30.

To participate in Admin Appreciation Month or to obtain further information, please visit http://www.asaporg.com/admin-appreciation-2015.

About ASAP

Celebrating its 10th year anniversary in 2015, ASAP has grown its membership to 55,000 admins from around the world, and gives its members access to over 450 online training courses, live and on-demand webinars, a monthly newsletter, articles and features geared for admins, and a prestigious admin certificate program. ASAP is a business unit within Diversified Communications, a global organization operating on four continents and a major independent producer of events and media worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.asaporg.com.

Hispanic Women More at Risk for Aggressive Forms of Breast Cancer

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

Its true that Hispanic women and Latinas experience a lower rate of breast cancer than their non-Hispanic white counterparts.

Unfortunately, Latinas who do develop breast cancer are often besieged by more aggressive forms of the disease, and are nearly twice as likely to succumb from it, according to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

To help Hispanic women and their families get the information they need to understand their risk, get screened and make healthy choices, the HealthyHispanicLiving.com website continues the final month of its 90-day breast cancer awareness in April.

The HealthyHispanicLiving.com (HHL) A Passionate Pursuit of Prevention campaign focuses on educating Latinas and their families to help improve these outcomes, in partnership with City of Hope, Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), Latinas Contra Cancer, and ThinkNow Research. Throughout April, site visitors will find excellent resources, articles and videos about prevention, mammograms, genetic testing, and beneficial lifestyle choices, such as good nutrition and exercise. They can read about the latest clinical findings, and about women living with and surviving the disease.

Overcoming barriers to improved outcomes

According to BCRF, a campaign co-sponsor, Latinas are more likely to succumb to breast cancer than their non-Hispanic counterparts for several reasons:

Socioeconomic status Despite increased breast cancer screening across all racial and ethnic groups, Hispanic women are still less likely to be diagnosed with early stage breast cancer than non-Hispanic women. In part, thats because socioeconomics impact healthcare access, early detection and treatment. Latinas, for example, receive less frequent mammograms and less timely follow up in cases of suspicious mammograms, according to BCRF. Education, in part, can help improve related outcomes.

Obesity Obesity is associated with an increased risk of several cancers, including post-menopausal breast cancer. Again, this risk factor disproportionately affects Hispanic women. In spite of increased obesity rates across all racial/ethnic groups in recent years, Hispanic women still remain more likely to be overweight or obese than non-Hispanic women, research has shown. However, overweight postmenopausal women who lose weight can reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Genetics: Latinas also remain at risk for gene mutations specific to the Hispanic population, which may lead to more virulent, early-onset forms of breast cancer. Researchers at City of Hope have traced some of these mutations to Spanish settlers in Latin America around 500 years ago. Education and genetic testing can help effected Hispanic women understand their risk, and gain the early awareness they need to act strategically.

Improving breast cancer outcomes for Hispanic women and Latinas will require a significant effort to increase related education, awareness and testing.

By visiting the HHL website, Latinas can begin to learn more about how important it is to take care of themselves, in addition to their families, to live a full and happy life.

About Healthy Hispanic Living

As the first preventive care online educational platform targeted to U.S. Hispanics, HHL aims to guide Hispanics to live healthier lives and to ensure preventive care engagement, accountability and self-advocacy by providing solutions and changing the conversation about health from illness to wellness.

About City of Hope

City of Hope near Los Angeles is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Designated as a comprehensive cancer center, the highest recognition bestowed by the National Cancer Institute, City of Hope is also a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, with research and treatment protocols that advance care throughout the nation.

About Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the highest-rated breast cancer nonprofit organization in the United States committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer. BCRF provides critical funding for cancer research worldwide to fuel advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship. Since 1993, every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship has received BCRF funding.

About Latinas Contra Cancer

Founded to address the void in culturally and linguistically sensitive programs that meet the health care needs of Latinos around issues of cancer, LCC works to link services nationwide and provides cancer health education, patient navigation and psychosocial family support group services targeting the underserved and low income, Spanish-speaking.

About ThinkNow Research

ThinkNow Research is a full-service market research firm that focuses on U.S. Hispanic, Latin American and Multicultural research. The company has one of the largest online research panels available in the industry, conducts a monthly Hispanic Omnibus survey and works with their clients to create customized online Hispanic communities.

Importance of Education in Pakistan

In this rapidly advancing era, the importance of education cannot be denied. It is crucial for progress and prosperity of any nation. With literacy rate as low as 51.6 percent, (63.7 for males and 39.2 percent for females), 53 million of world’s illiterates are found in Pakistan. Islamabad ranks second with the highest number of out-of-school children.

Economic Growth

It has been proved by development experts that basic education is essential for financial and societal progress. Every year of school increases individual’s wages by 10 per cent globally. As many as 164 multinational companies working in Pakistan with an investment of 55.779 billion rupees are dependent on qualified people. Local industries also require educated people to proceed. A skilled and educated person has an immense potential to work efficiently.


Needless to say that educated societies are disciplined and there is less violation of rules and regulations. People work in harmony with one another. Authorities are respected and people tend to fulfill their responsibilities.

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Anti-Evolution Curriculum Debate Lives On

Despite the Supreme Court ruling banning creationism and intelligent design in science classrooms, evolution is still on trial in Texas and Louisiana. I feel like it’s the Scopes monkey trial all over again. [Or at least the fictional account I read in Inherit the Wind.]

Both Texas and Louisiana are voting on changing the curriculum to allow for “weaknesses” in the theory of evolution to be introduced to students. Many science teachers see this as a backdoor approach to integrating creationism or intelligent design (basically creationism 2.0) into science curriculum and potentially, science text books.

Since Texas makes up such a large percentage of the textbook market, publishers will likely tailor their national materials to suit their needs. “These weaknesses that they bring forward are decades old, and they have been refuted many, many times over,” Kevin Fisher, a past president of the Science Teachers Association of Texas, said after testifying. “It’s an attempt to bring false weaknesses into the classroom in an attempt to get students to reject evolution.” NYT article

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Premier Internet Marketing Education – 10 Tips on How to Find the Best Internet Education

Where do you go to get the internet marketing education that will truly make the difference? The difference in your understanding, or (if you’re building a business) the difference in how you approach the marketing of your business, or perhaps your job (if you’re responsible for directing the marketing tactics for a brand)?

I personally spent 12 months clicking around on the internet in search of that right company that provides the education and the tools to become a Master Internet Marketer. And, also provides the environment where you learn to start implementing, and start taking action on what you are learning. And, as a result, start making the difference and start achieving your goals.

And, why did I do this (click around for 12 months, that is)? Because, I believe in affiliating with the-best-of-the-best and it does take time to find just the right source that will work for your needs.

SO – Let me help you save all that time and share with you the steps, the thought processes, on how to find that right internet educational resource that will work for your online needs and goals.

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