Just in Time for Easter and Passover, Shmoop Launches New Bible Resources and Math Shack Easter Eggs

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

Shmoop, the digital curriculum site that over 10 million high school visitors depend on each month, has just released new resources for Passover and Easter. Whether students are looking for a deeper understanding of the Torah or Bible, or just want to start an online Easter Egg hunt for hidden prizes, Shmoop has learning tools for everyone.

New Bible Resources

While students might be tempted to learn about the Bible from movies like The Prince of Egypt or musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, nothing beats the source material. However, given that students have a hard enough time understanding Shakespeare, mastering a book that was written over a millennium ago can be a tough task. Thankfully, Shmoop has the resources to make the Bible relevant to even the most stubborn student.

Shmoops new online course on the Torah demystifies the Hebrew Bible with lectures, activities, and discussion questions that take students step-by-step from Genesis through Deuteronomy. By the end, students will know some of the greatest stories ever toldand how those stories still affect them today.

In addition to Shmoops new course, Shmoops given its existing Bible Learning Guides a makeover so that understanding the #1 bestselling book of all time is easier than ever. From the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible to the New Testament, Shmoop breaks down every proverb and parable so that students get whats going on and see how it applies to literature and modern-day life.

Free Math Shack: Easter Eggs Inside!

Math Shack, Shmoops online math study tool, is now 100% free for all middle and high school students. Math Shack allows students to practice an infinite number of auto-generated math problems in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Shmoops Math Shack is not only unlimited and addictive; its also Common Core-aligned, easy to share, and a simple way to track math mastery. Plus, Math Shack is easily adaptable to any computer lab, classroom, or study hall environment.

The new Math Shack brings even more bells and whistles to the game with the ultimate in tracking, mastery, and fun:

Common Core-Aligned Topics. Each question is tagged with a Common Core Standard, which links to Shmoops Common Core page so that students can read along and see which skills theyre practicing, or jump ahead of the curve for next year by practicing different topic areas on Math Shack.
Mastery Tracking. Students can see how theyre performingby topic and subjectthrough an easy color-coded system. That way, they can quickly identify gaps and drill into areas of weakness, making it easy to track preparation for Common Core assessments.
Easter Eggs and Competitions. Shmoop is known for making learning fun, and Math Shack is no exception. Not only do students get to compete against their personal best; they can also compete against each other. Students can earn points (Shmoints) and see who can get the most, adding friendly rivalry to the daily math grind. In addition, Shmoop has added in special Easter Eggs, like extra Shmoints for certain topics and a rocketship blaster math game.
Students and teachers can get started on their math mastery and search for their Easter Egg bonuses on Shmoops Math Shack site.

About Shmoop

Shmoop is a digital curriculum and test prep company that makes fun, rigorous learning and teaching materials. Shmoop content is written by master teachers and Ph.D. students from Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and other top universities. Shmoop Learning Guides, Test Prep, and Teachers Editions balance a teen-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous materials to help teachers help students understand how subjects relate to their daily lives. Shmoop sees over 8 million unique visitors a month on its site, and offers more than 7,000 titles across the Web, iPhone, Android devices, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader. The company has been honored twice by the Webby Awards, named Best in Tech twice by Scholastic Administrator, and awarded with two Annual Education Software Review Awards (EDDIES). Launched in 2008, Shmoop is headquartered in a labradoodle-patrolled office in Mountain View, California.

Socrata Announces New Director of Multilateral and NGO Jeff Kaplan to Help Expand Open Data Use Worldwide

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

Socrata, a Seattle-based cloud software company focused exclusively on democratizing access to government data, today announced Jeff Kaplan as its first-ever Director of Multilateral and NGO. Based in Socratas Washington, D.C. office and already a recognized global leader in open data, Kaplan will focus on opportunities for global multilateral institutions and non-governmental organizations to use Socratas open data platform, open performance solution, and other analytics apps to improve decision-making and drive innovation.

Before joining Socrata, Kaplan spent a decade as a strategic management consultant to government agencies and multinational companies. Over the past four years Kaplan has been working predominantly as a Senior Consultant with the World Bank.

“Open data has quickly achieved a momentum and importance for multilateral organizations, governments, and development partners of all kinds that is undeniable, says Amparo Ballivian, Lead Economist at the World Banks Data Development Group. Jeff is one of the most effective, pragmatic, and thoughtful open data leaders in the world. He is a great asset to engage these communities and grow the open data ecosystem.

I am passionate about the transformative potential of open data for organizations and enterprises, explains Kaplan. I have seen firsthand how opening data can power entrepreneurship and innovations that tangibly improve peoples lives and an organizations effectiveness.

Kaplan was instrumental in the launch of high-profile open data efforts by the World Bank and leading countries from Eastern Europe to Africa including Moldova, first in open data among Eastern European and former Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, and Nigerias Edo State, the first sub-national open data portal in Africa. Kaplan also led a series of open data assessments for governments in Africa, Latin America, and Russia using a diagnostic tool he co-designed for the World Bank. Most recently, he advised Mexicos Office of the President during the opening phase of its national open data initiative.

Kaplan was an early thought leader in open technologies. He was Founder and Director of the Open ePolicy Group, a pioneering, global network of government CIOs and industry executives based at Harvards Berkman Center for Internet & Society that published the Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems.

Jeff is a visionary. He sees the global potential of open data as a tool for smarter development and widespread quality of life improvement. Hes experienced, tech savvy, and able to assess what organizations need to find success quickly, says Socrata Founder and CEO Kevin Merritt.

Kaplan received a B.A. in History from Yale University. He then completed his J.D. at Harvard Law School, where he served as the Editor of the Harvard Human Rights Journal.

Hiring Kaplan comes on the heels of Socrata announcing its suite of financial transparency apps. These open data apps not only increase access to finance data but make it easy to sort through and understand, making them useful tools for government organizations, multilaterals, and NGOs.

About Socrata

Socrata has already established itself as the leading company in open data for more than 100 governments and organizations on five continents. Delivered as turnkey cloud services, Socratas data consumerization products help organizations unlock data and transform it into useful information that everyone can easily access, visualize, share, and reuse. Innovators like the World Bank, Kenya, the United Nations Development Programme, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, USAID, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the City of New York have all chosen Socrata as the data sharing platform for their open innovation initiatives.

To learn more about Socrata, visit http://www.socrata.com or follow us on Twitter @socrata.

Car Insurance for Teenaged Drivers Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

When you are youthful, perhaps one of the most thrilling things to look ahead to is the day you get your driver licence. Their minds are thinking about the places they will go and buddies they will see, but as a parent, your head is likely thinking about the risks and disbursement of having a teenaged driver.

Sadly, teenagers are statistically the most likely generation to get into a collision. This is only because they have less expertise on the road, less caprice control, more of a feeling that it “can’t occur to them’, more distractions, and they sometimes do not make the finest choices. Because of this, insurance agencies bill teenaged motorists the most when it comes to car insurance. Insurance companies need to make money just like any other business and when a motorist makes a claim, they lose cash. Thus they need to charge risky drivers more for insurance to insure the higher likelihood that they will be paying claims.

Reduction Car Insurance for Teenagers

Though a teen-aged motorist will definitely add an additional cost to your monthly funds, and their policy contract will likely always be higher than an adults, there are still some things which you are able to do to bring down these prices. Therefore go through this list supplied as a cortesy from our associate http://compare-insurers.com

- Discounts – there are a variety of reductions accessible for teenaged drivers for example good student, low-mileage, driver’s education class discount, being apart at college without a auto, multi-auto, and multiple-policy reductions among others.

- Kind of car – buying a sensible, reliable, secure automobile for the teenager can help you save money. Prevent sportscars and other automobiles that are more likely to be involved in an injury, stolen, or vandalized. If you’re able to, update the automobile with the latest safety and security attributes.

- comparison-shop – shop on line and also find as numerous automobile insurance estimates as possible. This gives you the finest chance at finding a good deal and maximizing your discounts.

Even though automobile insurance for teens is pricey and your young child getting the wheel may be anxiety-provoking, fortunately it gets better over period. Information from Evaluate-Insurers.com

Talented Designers Help Angel Wedding Dress Win The Market

(PRWEB) April 10, 2014

As a leading wedding dress brand, Angel Wedding Dress is now celebrating its great success in the first season of 2014; the company attributes its success mainly to its talented designers. The celebration comes with a site-wide dress promotion.

Angel Wedding Dress is well-known in the industry for its elaborate and elegant designs of womens dresses. It has special eLearning management system, which can help its designers stay at the forefront of fashion field; the designers can get the knowledge and resources they want through some clicks of a mouse.

The designers of Angel Wedding Dress have made some of the most progressive style movements in the fashion industry, which has an immediate impact in their sales turnover. According to the vice president of the company, they will invite more famous designers to join them.

Our designers plan to develop as some of the most influential fashion designers in the industry, and they are inspired every day by their commitment to complete customer satisfaction. They have the necessary knowledge and passion to guide you to your perfect wedding dresses, and we take pride in providing high quality dresses to our clients worldwide with fast delivery, the vice president says.

Moreover, the dresses in promotion can be tailored according to customers unique needs; they come with the fashionable styles and the finest workmanship. Angel Wedding Dress is 24/7 accessible for every customer.

About Angel Wedding Dress

Founded in 2005, Angel Wedding Dress is an internet-based company, carrying more than 5,000 womens dresses in stock and specializing in custom wedding dresses and prom dresses. They strive to deliver confidence to ladies by offering stylish and high-quality womens dresses. The company aims to provide its clients with the latest fashion, the most complete size range (1-Petite to 54W, custom made), the best prices and the largest variety of styles.

For more information, please visit http://www.angelweddingdress.com

Car Insurance for Teenaged Drivers Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

If you are youthful, among the most exciting things to look ahead to is the evening you get your driver’s license. Several teenagers look forward to owning their first automobile and having more liberty than they did in the past. Their heads are thinking about the locations they will go and friends they will see, but as a parent, your mind is likely thinking about the hazards and disbursement of having a teenaged motorist.

Unfortunately, teens are mathematically the most likely age-group to enter an accident. This is because they have less expertise on the road, less caprice control, more of a feeling that it “can’t happen to them’, more distractions, and they occasionally do not make the finest decisions. As a result of this, insurers bill teenaged drivers the most when it comes to automobile insurance. So they need to bill high-risk drivers more for insurance to cover the higher chance that they’ll be paying claims.

Discount Car Insurance for Teenagers

Even though car insurance for adolescents is high-priced and your young child taking the wheel may be anxiety provoking, fortunately it gets better over time. Tips from Compare-Insurers.com

Though a teenaged motorist may certainly include another cost to your own monthly funding, and their insurance will likely always be greater than an grownups, there are still a few things you can do to create down these prices. So undergo this listing provided as a cortesy from our associate http://compare-insurers.com

- Discounts – there are an assortment of reductions readily available for teenaged drivers for example great pupil, low mpg, motorist’s training course discount, being apart at college with no automobile, multi-auto, and multi-policy discounts amongst others.

- Sort of car – purchasing a sensible, dependable, secure vehicle for your adolescent will save you cash. When you can, upgrade the car with the latest safety and security attributes.

- comparison-shop – shop online and also find as many automobile quotes as you can. This gives you the best chance at finding a good deal and optimizing your discounts.

Marc Gafni to Speak at the WOW Talks Live Event Today in California

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 12, 2014

Today, WOW Talks Live will present Dr. Marc Gafni, one of the worlds leading philosophers, visionary scholars, and wisdom teachers who will join keynote speakers: Dr. John Gray, famed author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Dr. Leslie Hewitt, author of The New Glossary; at the WOW Talks Live event. This Live Event will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at Lesher Center For The Arts in Walnut Creek, California. In addition to a day filled with amazing speakers, The WOW Talks Live will introduce you to hundreds of women and brave, courageous men for the purpose of connecting, collaborating, and celebrating. This is a unique opportunity to meet powerful women and men enthusiastic to network.

In addition to Drs. Gray, Hewitt, and Dr. Marc Gafni, the event will have a speaker line up guaranteed to open attendees eyes and their heart. Add to that a fashion show, networking with new friends and an exclusive VIP meet and greet reception, and it will be a nearly perfect day.

Marc Gafni is excited to be a part of this special live event, “Purchase a $ 49 ticket to this event and get a $ 100 Guest Pass to the VIP reception, just tell them Marc Gafni sent you. Join us!” says Dr. Marc Gafni.

Early bird tickets are available for $ 49 and VIP reception tickets are available for $ 100. Tickets can be purchased online here or by calling 925-943-7469.

About Dr. Marc Gafni:

Dr. Marc Gafni is a passionate philosopher, visionary scholar and wisdom teacher. He is the initiating thought leader, together with Ken Wilber, of World Spirituality based on integral principles, and is the leading theorist and teacher of Unique Self Enlightenment. He is the co-founder and director of the Center for Integral Wisdom, an activist think tank dedicated to evolving and articulating a shared global framework of meaning and responsibility. He holds his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, rabbinic certification from the chief rabbinate in Israel, as well private rabbinic ordination. He is also ordained and holds a doctorate in religious science. A rabbinic lineage holder in Bible, Talmud, and Kabbalah, Gafni self-describes as a dual citizen of both Integral World Spirituality and classical Hebrew practice, and has been called a master of the heart and a trail-blazing visionary in opening up new possibilities for love, eros, and relationship. He is a guest editor of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice on issues of Integral spirituality, has been a faculty member of J.F.K. University, and is the author of eight books including the national bestseller Soul Prints, and The Mystery of Love, an exploration of the relationship between the erotic and the sacred. His latest books are Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment which received a 2012 USA Best Book Award from USA Book News, and the two-volume Radical Kabbalah. An iconoclastic artist and provocative visionary, Dr. Gafni has led spiritual movements and learning communities as well as created and hosted for several seasons a highly popular national Israeli television program on culture, meaning, and spirit on Israels leading network. He is the father of four children (the youngest being three years old), and lives in Northern California.

About WOW Talks:

The WOW Talks is the biggest womens health and wellness educational community in the country, led by CEO and Founder Dr. Leslie Hewitt. Their goal is to support women around the globe in discovering how to live authentically through their own unique gifts and with an elevated, heart-centered reality. The WOW Talks are unfolding beautifully into a truth forum to share spirit, love, joy, appreciation and gratitude. The WOW Talks promotes empowered leadership for women in healthcare, politics, and business through education, advocacy and accountability. They provide a safe and supportive environment for women to connect, collaborate and celebrate with resources to make informed choices.

Dr. Marc Gafni Center for Integral Wisdom


Introducing CourseFinder – A Simple Way to Compare Online Courses in Australia

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

Coursefinder.com.au is the new, simple way to find and compare online courses from Australias top providers.

Powered by the established independent career resource provider and online education advocate, Career FAQs, and listing over 500 accredited, nationally recognised courses from Australias leading universities, TAFEs and private providers, CourseFinder is a highly trusted resource for potential students.

Why launch CourseFinder?

More people than ever are recognising the advantages of undertaking online study for its flexibility and convenience and the potential to study first and pay later. Will Santow, Founder and Managing Director of Career FAQs, says his new venture has been developed in response to the increasing number of tertiary study choices that are now available:

“Career FAQs has been operating for 11 years as a trusted resource for career advice and course information and in that time we have seen that professional success is increasingly linked to the practice of taking on study as a lifelong commitment.”

“Our audience wanted to be able to compare quality providers independently and through the one, easy-to-navigate website and we have been providing that service successfully for nine years but with the huge increase in online courses out there, the natural next step was to develop a website tailored specifically to the task of finding the right course, and dedicated solely to online study.”

“CourseFinder is the culmination of our experience in presenting easy-to-browse and easy-to-compare course outlines and providing the latest in intuitive user experience.”

Paul Wappett, CEO at Open Universities Australia, says that there is a growing expectation for quality online education in a time when people are used to doing many of lifes tasks digitally:

“After more than 20 years in the online education space, weve seen a real acceptance of online as a preferred mode of study. This has been coupled with an expectation that if people can shop, socialise or be entertained in the digital world, then they should experience a similar level of ease and convenience with study online.”

“Weve had almost half a million students switch on to online study since we started and theyve created strong online communities through social media, discussion forums and wikis where they experience just as much, if not more interaction than on-campus students.”

How is CourseFinder different?

With an impressive annual growth rate of more than 14.4 per cent over the last five years (IBIS World, Online Education in Australia: Market Research Report), online education is the fastest growing area of tertiary study, and CourseFinders aim is to present the widest and best selection of quality courses possible.

CourseFinder brings together the best in distance education providers such as Open Universities Australia, Charles Sturt University, SEEK Learning, Open Colleges, The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, Open Training Institute, Upskilled, Martin College, ACPE and ACPE Academy; and allows users to compare their different course offerings on the same terms.

The key advantage for users is the opportunity for them to compare the best in online courses from leading Australian providers through the one website. Having found a course of interest, they can download free eBrochures and send through an obligation-free enquiry direct to the provider to find out more.

Potential students are presented with hundreds of courses to consider across business, communication, creative, community, health, IT, legal and science professions. They also need to consider which level of study to target: from certificates and diplomas to university degrees and postgraduate qualifications. CourseFinder users can take their research into their own hands in a hassle-free way thats convenient for them. Because we could all use a little simplification.

CourseFinder it does what it says. Simple.

For further information, contact:

Andrea Riddell

Marketing Manager, CourseFinder


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Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market Worth $12.16 Billion by 2019 New Report by MarketsandMarkets

(PRWEB) April 03, 2014

The report Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Market (Delivery Technologies, Hardware, Analytics, Monitoring, Encoding, Transparent Caching, DRM, CMS, OVP) Trends, Geographical Analysis & Worldwide Market Forecasts (2014 2019), defines and segments the CDN Market into various sub-segments with an in-depth analysis and forecasting of revenues. It also identifies the drivers and restraints for this market with insights on trends, opportunities, and challenges.

Browse 93 market data tables and 36 figures spread through 157 pages and in-depth TOC on Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Market.


Early buyers will receive 10% customization on this report.

Download sample PDF today.


Over the last decade, the Internet has exhibited utmost growth and trend change over the use of online content. The ever-evolving Internet has resulted in growing Internet traffic, content richness, and the resultant network complexities in managing efficient content delivery to users. To counter these Internet limitations and content delivery drawbacks, CDNs have evolved.

The CDN is one of the fastest revenue generating market for the existing as well as for the new players. Rapid explosion of web-based content, mainly online music, online video, online transaction-based services, has enhanced the demand for CDNs. Nowadays, online content is growing at a rapid rate from content providing businesses as well as due to individuals who have started posting or uploading their content online to share with their peers. As the Internet traffic load increases, it becomes difficult to manage such huge traffic and provide Quality of Service (QoS) to the end user. Due to increasing demand for QoS, new players are entering this market with their network structure for network optimization. This increase in the number of new entrants results into intense competition for the new as well as for the existing leaders. Content providers have to choose between different CDN providers for achieving better QoS for their clients.

MarketsandMarkets has broadly segmented the CDN Market by solutions: CDN delivery, CDN analytics and monitoring, encoding and Digital Rights Management (DRM), transparent caching, video CMS, and online video solution; by service providers: commercial Peer-to-Peer (P2P) CDN, free CDN, Telco CDN, and traditional commercial CDN; by organization size: Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises; by verticals: advertising, media and entertainment, gaming, e-commerce, Internet service providers, mobile service providers, consumer electronics, online music retailers, healthcare, higher education, government, and others; by regions: North America (NA), Latin America (LA), Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Middle East and Africa (MEA).

MarketsandMarkets believes that the pricing pressure and content providers internal CDNs initiatives are the major issues in the CDN market. These challenges are increasing the pressure on CDN vendors to provide CDN services at low cost.

The Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Market is estimated to grow from $ 3.71billion in 2014 to $ 12.16 billion by 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.3% from 2014 to 2019. In terms of regions, NA is expected to be the biggest market in terms of revenue contribution while Asia Pacific (APAC) is expected to experience increased market traction with high CAGRs, in due course.

Enquiry before buying at http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Enquiry_Before_Buying.asp?id=657.

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Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) Market [Components (Software, Services (Support, Consulting)), Deployment (On-premise, On-demand), User Types (SME, Enterprises)] – Global Advancements, Worldwide Forecasts & Analysis (2014 – 2019)


Network Analytics Market [(On Premise, On Demand), by Applications (Mobile, VOIP and Fixed Line, Unified Communications), by End Users (Cloud Service Providers, Telecommunications, Enterprises)] Global Advancements, Forecast & Analysis (2013-2018)


About MarketsandMarkets

MarketsandMarkets is a global market research and consulting company based in the U.S. We publish strategically analyzed market research reports and serve as a business intelligence partner to Fortune 500 companies across the world.

MarketsandMarkets also provides multi-client reports, company profiles, databases, and custom research services. MarketsandMarkets covers thirteen industry verticals, including advanced materials, automotive and transportation, banking and financial services, biotechnology, chemicals, consumer goods, energy and power, food and beverages, industrial automation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and electronics, and Telecommunications and IT.

We at MarketsandMarkets are inspired to help our clients grow by providing apt business insight with our huge market intelligence repository.


Mr. Rohan

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17304, Preston Road,

Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75252

Tel: +1-888-600-6441

Email: sales(at)marketsandmarkets(dot)com

Visit MarketsandMarkets Blog at http://www.marketsandmarketsblog.com/market-reports/telecom-it.

Connect with us on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/company/marketsandmarkets.

Speaker Alert: Todd Merrill, HireIQ CTO to Speak at MLConf

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

HireIQ Solutions, the innovative leader in predictive analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions for customer-facing organizations, today announced that Todd Merrill, the companys chief technology officer, is presenting at the upcoming MLConf. Todds presentation will introduce the companys approach to improving the employee selection process, especially for customer-facing positions, by predicting a job candidates likelihood of retention and on-the-job performance.

MLConf 2014 brings together many of the leading practitioners of advanced machine learning, big data and predictive analytics platforms, algorithms and applications for a one-day intensive networking session. Delegates will share best practices and hear about the latest innovations in machine learning. The program includes speakers from other leading machine learning and big data practitioners such as Google, Intel, Yahoo!, and Netflix. For further information about this years event, please visit: http://mlconf.com/.

HireIQs innovative use of machine learning and predictive analytics effectively predicts which job candidates are more likely to remain employed and perform well once on the job. The companys approach uses pre-hire assessment data from virtual interviews, tests and assessments, coupled with observed performance outcomes to identify the job candidates that are most likely to succeed.

Employee retention and job performance are important for all organizations, but especially for companies that run customer service operations, where attrition is a particularly vexing problem, said Todd Merrill, HireIQs chief technology officer. Our ability to reliably and accurately predict those job candidates who are likely to be excellent performers and be retained longer has significant implications for these companies in terms of profitability, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. HireIQ is the only company in the talent acquisition market that has adopted such an approach.

HireIQ transforms the talent acquisition process for customer-facing organizations by linking stakeholder-observed business outcomes, such as operational performance and retention with the results of pre-hire digital interviews. As a result, companies improve their hiring decisions, reduce the critical time-to-fill interval, lower recruiting costs and increase employee retention and performance.

For a complete listing of HireIQ news, please visit http://www.hireiqinc.com/resources/press.

About HireIQ

HireIQ revolutionizes talent acquisition for front-line customer service positions such as those in call centers, retail stores, branch banking, quick-service restaurants and hospitality by automating the early-stage screening process, automatically assessing for critical communication skills, and using outcomes-based data to facilitate continuous performance validation. HireIQs solutions enable companies to improve their hiring decisions, reduce time-to-fill, reduce recruiting costs, and increase talent performance and retention through its on-line virtual interviewing software, novel predictive analytics solutions, and structured feedback between recruiting and its stakeholders. HireIQ is a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA. For further information, please visit http://www.hireiqinc.com. Follow us on Twitter @HireIQInc.

Importance of Education in Pakistan

In this rapidly advancing era, the importance of education cannot be denied. It is crucial for progress and prosperity of any nation. With literacy rate as low as 51.6 percent, (63.7 for males and 39.2 percent for females), 53 million of world’s illiterates are found in Pakistan. Islamabad ranks second with the highest number of out-of-school children.

Economic Growth

It has been proved by development experts that basic education is essential for financial and societal progress. Every year of school increases individual’s wages by 10 per cent globally. As many as 164 multinational companies working in Pakistan with an investment of 55.779 billion rupees are dependent on qualified people. Local industries also require educated people to proceed. A skilled and educated person has an immense potential to work efficiently.


Needless to say that educated societies are disciplined and there is less violation of rules and regulations. People work in harmony with one another. Authorities are respected and people tend to fulfill their responsibilities.

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Anti-Evolution Curriculum Debate Lives On

Despite the Supreme Court ruling banning creationism and intelligent design in science classrooms, evolution is still on trial in Texas and Louisiana. I feel like it’s the Scopes monkey trial all over again. [Or at least the fictional account I read in Inherit the Wind.]

Both Texas and Louisiana are voting on changing the curriculum to allow for “weaknesses” in the theory of evolution to be introduced to students. Many science teachers see this as a backdoor approach to integrating creationism or intelligent design (basically creationism 2.0) into science curriculum and potentially, science text books.

Since Texas makes up such a large percentage of the textbook market, publishers will likely tailor their national materials to suit their needs. “These weaknesses that they bring forward are decades old, and they have been refuted many, many times over,” Kevin Fisher, a past president of the Science Teachers Association of Texas, said after testifying. “It’s an attempt to bring false weaknesses into the classroom in an attempt to get students to reject evolution.” NYT article

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Premier Internet Marketing Education – 10 Tips on How to Find the Best Internet Education

Where do you go to get the internet marketing education that will truly make the difference? The difference in your understanding, or (if you’re building a business) the difference in how you approach the marketing of your business, or perhaps your job (if you’re responsible for directing the marketing tactics for a brand)?

I personally spent 12 months clicking around on the internet in search of that right company that provides the education and the tools to become a Master Internet Marketer. And, also provides the environment where you learn to start implementing, and start taking action on what you are learning. And, as a result, start making the difference and start achieving your goals.

And, why did I do this (click around for 12 months, that is)? Because, I believe in affiliating with the-best-of-the-best and it does take time to find just the right source that will work for your needs.

SO – Let me help you save all that time and share with you the steps, the thought processes, on how to find that right internet educational resource that will work for your online needs and goals.

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